About A Bridge Forward LLC

A Bridge Forward LLC works one-on-one with individuals who do not want to be permanently stigmatized by their criminal history. Ina R. Silvergleid, a Chicago expungement attorney with over 20 years of legal experience, founded A Bridge Forward to provide affordable legal services to individuals who have a criminal history due to arrests or convictions for Illinois state and municipal law violations and need assistance overcoming barriers to obtaining professional and occupational licensing or employment because of their background.

chicago expungement attorneyMs. Silvergleid is a 1990 graduate of IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law, where she graduated Order of Coif.  She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  In addition to her work with A Bridge Forward, Ms. Silvergleid volunteers her time and expertise to: James B. Moran Center for Youth Advocacy, Cabrini Green Legal Aid, Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago, and Center on Halsted.

The lawyers at A Bridge Forward bring two decades of legal experience in both government and private practice to the task of giving people a second chance.  Using our detailed knowledge of licensing laws and regulations, employer hiring practices, legal remedies for the removal of criminal history information, we help put lives back on track.

Aside from working one-on-one, we conduct workshops and seminars for academic, civic, and social service organizations or agencies who want to educate their students, patrons, or clients on the ramifications of having a criminal background and show them how to address such issues constructively and successfully. Here is a partial list of the organizations where A Bridge Forward has been invited to speak: Jewish Vocational Services, National Able Network, Center on Halsted, Howard Area Employment Resource Center, Chicago Public Library, John Marshall Law School, Mt. Moriah Lodge No. 28, and Olive Harvey City Colleges of Chicago.

If your organization or agency is looking to provide affordable legal services or obtain information about the strategies available to someone who has a criminal history he/she wants to eliminate, please contact A Bridge Forward to schedule a workshop at your facility.

You owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward and your past behind.

A Bridge Forward is here to help you.